Costa Rica Aguilera Bros Finca Angelina


"The Aguileras are a family of 12 brothers and sisters who are second-generation coffee producers in the West Valley. (Hermanos is used to describe mixed male and female siblings in Spanish, but literally translates to "brothers" in English.) Their father was one of the first coffee growers in the area, and planted his farm 70 years ago: Neighboring farmers warned him that coffee wouldn't grow there, but now the area is rich with coffee lands. His children, the Aguilera Brothers, work together to produce coffee: Most of the siblings own farmland, and they comanage the micromill they installed with the earnings from their fourth-place Cup of Excellence win in 2007."

-Cafe Imports

We have proudly offered Aguilera "Hermanos" coffee in the past. In fact, the only difference this time around is that this crop comes from Finca Angelina, or Angelina's Farm, while our last Aguilera coffee came form Finca Toño, or Antonio's Farm. Gotta love a family business!

We always have Costa Rica coffee, here's why.

Our CoSuCo Espresso Blend features a natural Costa Rica coffee as a very important ingredient. Blends are essentially recipes to achieve a specific flavor profile. So with our Espresso Blend, we are looking for coffees that give us the right balance of sweetness, brightness, and body when magnified. I say magnified because that is basically what espresso is, concentrated coffee. Naturally processed Costa Rica coffee provides a unique sweetness element that makes or breaks our CoSuCo Espresso Blend, so accordingly we make this coffee a priority. Because of its importance, we source a high quality Costa Rica for our recipe but also offer it as a fantastic single-origin. As a single-origin it is roasted appropriately to bring out its unique honey processed goodness from folks who take great care in their craft, like the Aguileras.

Region: Los Robles de Naranjo, West Valley
Farm: Finca Angelina
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Process: honey
Importer: Cafe Imports
Roast: light

Notes: berry, red grape, toffee