Colombia Tolima


Organic coffees are held to certifiable standards. Farmers make the extra effort to meet these standards and pay for this certification because they care for people and the planet. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily effect the way the coffee tastes. In this case however, we have sourced a delicious organic coffee that we are excited to share!

We really enjoyed our previous Colombia crop that also happened to be organic, Organic Colombia Fair Trade Cauca V1. It took some doing, but we found this unassuming organic Colombia from the Tolima region. I say unassuming because it didn't come with a lot of hoopla, but it scored exceptionally on the cupping table. If you were able to enjoy our most recent Colombia, this one is a slightly softer more well-rounded version. So from our table to yours, enjoy our fresh Colombia Tolima!

Region: Tolima
Farm: certified organic smallholder farmers
Variety: organic Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Process: organically washed
Importer: Cafe Imports
Roast: light

Notes: honeydew melon, banana, sugar cane